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I've had my own computer for years but when I lived with my parents or in rez when friends would use my computer often I would just hid anything I downloaded and cleared the history, cookies and everything I could almost daily. Most people don't know enought about computers (namely parents) so just clearing the history and cookies are enough to keep most people from knowing. That said I'm sure if a computer friend of mine wanted to find out it would be easy but why would they? Currently I live alone so its not an issue but if I have friends coming over I clear it just incase.

A word of advice for those who have to share computers. If you want to download some thing (like pics or movies) I've always kept them in side of lots of sub-folders with boring names. People are not going to click open several files by acident. Mine are inside of a folder set like this C:/documents/user/archive/old program/new/new if you can hide them in the program files of a program that only you use so they won't get acdiently deleted. Another option is if you have an Ipod or other mp3 they can usually store data to. When I had to format my computer I just loaded my pics into my Ipod.

Also, I believe with windows vista when you have hiden folders, if you have non-hiden files in them they still show up in a search.
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