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I just want to talk about internet safety in the AB DL community. unfortunately I think we can be a easy targets. For example last night I got a message form a dating website of a women clamming to want to be a mommy to me. We chat for a little bet on skype it all looked good at first but then she wonted me to sine up for a site I was not comfortable with. She wanted me to pay for a membership. I blocked her from my skype and report her to the on the dating site. My point is we got to play safe when come to meeting people online and I mean all of us AB DL baby fur and sissy's. If your meeting someone in real life. Meet them in a public place and it probably be a good idea to tall a friend where you are and to have that friend chick in on you every now and then. The biggest tip is to trust your gut. If you don't feel comfortable in a situation don't stay in that situation draw attention to yourself if. There is no such thing as being too safe.
I had the same problem with a vampire site called It started out innocent enough and then they wanted money, so I paid. Then they wanted more and more and they started bleeding me dry. I put up with it because I wanted to become a vampire so I could live forever, so I agreed to a meet-up, and yeah, you never know who's going to show up because he wasn't a vampire at all. He was a damn werewolf and he bit me! Now, every time it's a full moon I wake up in someone's back yard and I'm not wearing any clothes, and then of course, there's all the blood, so yeah, beware! Oh, and by the way.....happy Halloween.

On a more serious note, we used to teach internet safety to our computer classes at the junior high where I worked as an IT assistant. Of course, the school in all it's wisdom, ended the IT program in all the schools so my job got changed where I helped with math. But kids especially need to know about internet safety because they can be easily deceived. Every once in awhile on our news, some nitwit girl has run away with an adult male twice her age, someone she met on the internet.

Even adults get tricked, often on sites selling something that doesn't exist. We've seen members on this site ask us if a new diaper site is legit? Sometimes they're not. Even my IT boss was tricked into buying cameras for family members as Christmas presents. It was actually a scam run by Islamist terrorists raising money to support terrorism. The FBI became involved with it, but she lost the $50.00 that credit cards won't reimburse.
I'm sorry that happened to your boss.
Yeah I've had stuff like that with other sites, normally it's random people messaging me wanting to 'talk' but the way they phrase things and the determination they have to get my details reveals what they really want. That's the great thing about adisc, the forum itself isn't that great but the members make it pretty special when it comes to ab/dl sites.
If you want to stay safe and avoid having your information used against you would be to try some of the following, or not:
-I understand the need of video chat for visual confirmation to prove who you are talking to just isn't some troll in disguise but you should avoid Skype. I've seen so many raids by 4chan where once they fool the person into giving out their Skype they can learn your address, name registered with the IP, and just harass you without mercy. Before you give that out ask for a picture that one couldn't have readily on hand, like having their left hand touching their ear and their right hand holding something specific.
-Never use the same username for multiple sites/accounts. It's incredibly easy to just search a username of google and if someone is determined enough to find out something about you, they just might, or be put on a trail to a you that you may not have wanted them to see.
-Try using various email accounts. Separate your business or more important email from your social accounts. It doesn't mean much but some companies will sell your information for targeted ads. I'd suggest hushmail if you want to avoid such things.
-If you have wifi devices, like cameras, make sure you set up a password for them if possible. I've seen instances of people gaining access to such things as baby cams and then blasting speeches of hitler through them for the keks.
-Don't just trust someone you met online right away. In the fetish communities there are countless people that will say everything you ever wanted to hear to gain your trust and then turn it around and use it against you. This doesn't even just relate to such communities. I read an article on reuters about men creating facebook accounts and offering a better life for troubled girls when they then go around and sell them off into slavery. I know that's more or less the absolute worst thing that can happen, or best if you're into that, but it's something to take into consideration.
-There are sites set up for nothing more than to scam you into giving them money, cough abdlmatch and sissymatch. If you really want to know what you're getting into, take the time to read those privacy policies.
-If you do intend to meet up with someone, always do it in an open place and try to not meet up somewhere too close to where you live, as in a park you can just walk to. When leaving you should ensure that whomever you meet with doesn't follow you.
-Some people are assholes and you'll be able to point them out and have a witty or shitty comeback to throw at them before you block them. Others are sweeter than apple pie and once you take a bite you realized it's an apple pie full of shit. You just have to be safe.
These are just some ideas that I'm sure don't fully apply to everyone in every situation but are none the less some to consider.
Ragamuffin said:
I've seen so many raids by 4chan where once they fool the person into giving out their Skype they can learn your address, name registered with the IP, and just harass you without mercy.

Does anyone actually have their real location details on Skype? I don't know anyone who does.. ;)
Milko said:
Does anyone actually have their real location details on Skype? I don't know anyone who does.. ;)

IP address is easy to get from Skype. It dons't matter what you put as your location, your IP address doesn't lie (well, there are ways to make it lie but lets not get into that)
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