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So, this morning I took the day off and need to do some errands. I decided to spend the day diapered. I got dressed in a Bambino, shorts and a tee shirt. As I left the house, I suggested to myself that I should go to the bathroom first (#2...don't usually do that in diapers) But, I had just gotten dressed and did not feel like changing...again. So, off I went.

I was going to drop off my baby girl to day-care, and then come back, switch cars and move on. After I dropped off my kid, I thought, what the heck. I pulled my shorts off and drove around in nothing but my diaper and t shirt! It was great.

So, that's where part one of this story question is, is it LEGAL to be dressed just in a diaper like that? What IF I got stopped by a cop for speeding or something? Would I be in trouble?

Well, nothing happened and all was well. Except, I should have used the bathroom before I left! Driving back home I got really un-comfortable. I really had to go (2). But then I came to the realization that hey, if you don't make it home, at least you are diapered! Like I said, I don't normally do #2 because I HATE the clean up! I tried not to concentrate on the pain!

Well, I made it all the way home :eek: You think it was all well and done? Nope! I put my shorts back on, and walked back to my house. Guess what? Good thing I was wearing my diaper! As I opened the front door and tried to get to the bathroom, there was no stopping it :biggrin: I filled that Bambino with what ever did not agree with me last night! It was a big relief! Strangely I was not sickened by the smell of a messy diaper, so I just cleaned up, and now I am about to get re-diapered and head back out :)

Its getting warm out there now, so I will have to make sure I crank the car's AC.

I still wonder though...what happens if I get pulled over...if I decide to drive in just my diaper again?
I recall a law about having to wear shoes while driving, not entirely sure why that is, but they don't want me driving barefoot. That would be the DMV's issue. But other than that, you just have to worry about indecent exposure laws. There are also other more restrictive laws like "lewd and lecivious acts", these laws vary quite a bit from state to state. Just in your underwear (whatever that may be) and a bra if female, is usually enough for the basic exposure laws. But "lewd" public behavior could considuer undies showing in public to be illegal. Some other laws require "clear intent" to excite/disturb others in the public. Considering you're in your vehicle though, your diaper it out of public view the same as if you were clothed, so that ought to count for something.

You really need to check your local laws unfortunately since both the laws and the interpretations vary.

That being said, I've driven 300 miles in a t, tennies, and teddy ;)
You'd need to check local laws as noted. Many make indecent exposure only for showing generals, so you'd be fine in that case.

A good point of comparison is if you'd feel comfortable waking around in a skimpy swimsuit or a very short skirt. a diaper shows about the same amount as either of those.
I have been driving around in just diapers for years but only on remote dirt roads in the desert of Calif and NV.

In the calif desert they have BLM rules that allow you to hike nude.
I'd think if no one can see you, than you are more than welcome to drive around like that. But I'd really make sure that no one will see you. Whether it's legal or not, it could cause a stir if you accidentally exposed your diaper to the wrong people.
I have driven 100s of miles wearing a wet nappy
It's probably different by location you would have to look it up, being diapered means you genitals are covered so indecent exposure would not be an issue unless the cop is an asshole.
Unnecessary Risk. It's right there in the name.
bambinod said:
I recall a law about having to wear shoes while driving, not entirely sure why that is, but they don't want me driving barefoot. That would be the DMV's issue.
here in Australia it is moreso a law that if you are wearing footwear it "must not be loose fitting" like thongs and sandals that can get caught on a pedal, or slippers etc that can easily slip off the pedals.
I was pulled over for a "lights" (extra reverse spotlights) issue years ago, the policeman wanted to point it to me so i got out of the car and walked through prickles to the rear to see,
he only said he wouldnt of asked me to get out if he knew i was barefoot lol .
Laws very by location; however, unless you are preforming some sort of lewd act then you are probably okay. With that being said, you could almost be arrested for anything, so if you do get pulled over wearing a diaper is likely not going to be a determining factor. I have a good amount of experience in the law enforcement field, and most law enforcement officers have seen a lot of wierd things. I highly doubt an adult driving in a diaper would be included, chances are they would be more concerned with what ever infraction you violated.
I did that once when I was 15. It was really weird I have no idea why I did it:dunno:
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