Interesting Item Found at Thrift Store

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So, I was at a thrift store and came across this item. It was a decoration made for a nursery with the letters AB on top of a baby bottle. My guess it was all something from a real baby nursery along the lines of decorating with an "ABC" but only had the "AB".

However I found it rather intriguing given the meaning of "AB" here.

Have you ever found something like this that just hit home somehow?:detective3
Ohh cool. Nope, I've never found anything like that before. But that's a pretty neat find
I hope you bought it!
I've found a lot of weird things at thrift shops around here (I'm actually going again tomorrow for half off day at goodwill so I can get some overalls which I have wanted for a while).
I would've snatched that up as it would have made a good sissy addition to my room. Eventually...
The AB part certainly is provocative. Anyway, interesting find.
Wow I think I have seen something like that before but I don't know where though and I'm sure I was out with my parents so there was no way that I was going to buy it.
I think the "AB" is probably supposed to be in the middle of "BABY" and the first and last letters just got cut off.
Cool. We can all go out and buy a baby sign and paint the middle two letters our favorite color and hang it on our walls. Happy decorating!
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