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I was just re-reading some of the articles on the "little onion" cloth diapering website, I've looked around here before at various articles and it has some great info for cloth diapering for both babies and incontinent adults, but not really been in a deep dive. I know the owner Alecia also has a shop where she makes and sells products for both older children and adults.

Well I've been trying to figure out how to improve my diaper sewing and came back here for ideas and found a quote that made me go hmmmmm. :unsure:

This was in one of the articles related to adult IC products, I have emboldened and underlined the hmmmm part:

"Most washable incontinence underwear rely on cotton fabrics or super thin layers of bamboo for absorbency. Which is fine, but if you need a lot of absorbency, you’re going to find yourself with an incredibly bulky product if you try to get enough with cotton. Which of course is alluring for some, but for those of you who value discretion, it’s certainly not the desired outcome. "

I wonder if this is a sign that Alecia is ABDL aware.
Belarin said:
I wonder if this is a sign that Alecia is ABDL aware.
Sure seems like it with that alluring comment...