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So i went for walk, because it is far too hot to be inside and allowed my mind to wander and thought of something that I was curious about.

Do you feel like being an *B makes it easier to get on with Kids/Toddlers/Babies?

Speaking for myself, I feel it does... I feel that my AB side makes it much easier for me to be down at their level, to play games and what not with them. And they seem to love it... and especially if I'm wearing I feel more equal to them than a grown up as such I'm more seen as the cool fun uncle.

Is this helped by being an AB or is more a reflection on personality or maybe a bit of both.

Hi Sisi

Yes I have found this with a friend of daddy's I got on really well with there son who was also 4 at the time. We use to find the toy aisles in the supper market and we would play and the grow ups did there thing.

Unfortunately he has become a teenager now.

I have to be very cheerful as people see a grown man play with children they get worried that I up to no good.

But it seems to me that a child can see another child at heart.

I don't think it was any help to me in the past. Being a caregiver has helped noticeably. I'm still not all that keen on most kids or babies but it's been getting better and I think that's clearly the reason.
I'm not certain on this... I mean, i kinda mentioned this in another post, but in the case of my daughter, I will easily get into childish arguments with her, so instead of being the one to see where she's coming from and helping guide her like I should, I take the position of another child and get grumpy back. Totally not what I intend to do but it happens to me.
I get along with kids and baby relay well. I find that baby are lots of fun to play my friends kid would all ways want to sit on my lap when they were under a year old and get me to play with them. same with my sisters kids, I get along with kids really well to I still take my friends kid up skiing with me on week end he love going with me.
I definitely think I have a more intuitive sense of where little kids are at and something in their return glances is very telling...a kind of knowing, like the connection goes beyond size. Thing is, say when your out down the street, you just can't go looking or interacting with kids cause it looks really creepy even though it's anything but. I may have the innocent eyes and intention of a little kid, but to anyone else I'm just a dude. :( it's ok.
Actually, I feel a bit intimated by them for some reason. Not sure why.
I get along well with little kids. Of course, I taught junior choirs in my church job for years. Even so, with my grandchildren, it's so easy to get down on the floor with them and play with them and their toys. We always get some new toys and give them to them when we visit. I guess it's the prerogative of grandparents to spoil their grandchildren. Becoming young of mind is very easy for me, especially when toys are involved.
I honestly don't get along that well with really young kids. Outside of my ABDL side, I pretty much have no interest in anything childish and juvenile. Perhaps its just because I'm never around really young kids, but I've never been able to connect with them or get down on their level.
I don't know if it helps.

Maybe. I mean, just before this christmas, my cousin, his girlfriend and their almost 3 years old daughter came to visit my grandparents and my mother and i as visiting as well.

We had lunch and right next to where we had lunch there's the living room, at one point i went to sit on the couch and watch some tv while still being able to engage in the conversation.

I felt bad for my little cousin because we're all having adult conversations and the tv is on a channel that doesn't appeal to her. So i decided to change to a kids channel and we both watched it together. And she was interacting with me, making comments at what she was watching like i was just another kid of her age, it was a really sweet and unique moment. In fact her mother, my cousin's girlfriend, would sometimes turn to us and say something while smilling like how her daughter has a new best friend or that we're both best friends, almost like she was recognizing the little in me and how that made me at that moment more like her daughter than any of the other adults.

Also at one point my little cousin was being a little louder and she turns to us and jokingly scolded us both :)

It was pretty nice, although i worry sometimes about that changing their perception of me and not seeing me as an adult like them you know? I'm most likely wrong, but still... i want to still have their respect and trust in me as an adult just like them.

Anyway, i don't know if it helps, i've always been very akward with children, i'm not like most people that when they see a child they immediatly transform their whole personality and they start talking loudly and excited and with a lot of gestures, essentially making a fool out of themselves i guess that's what i'm trying to say, i'm joking :) but i think it does help to connect to them more though, i really do.
As for me, I believe it is a mixture of my abdl, my naturally childish nature, and because In grade school I'd always hang out with the younger kids (i.e. Kindergarteners-2nd graders). Course, there was a main reason for that. All the older kids were either bullies of mine or downright scum. Seriously, some of these guys when they graduated became drug dealers even. Plus, the younger kids were much kinder and as such I scared off any bullies who would harass them.
Going back to when I was a kid myself I always used to gel fairly well with kids younger then myself and as I've got older I've always seemed to get on really well with young kids. My two nephews are now 13 and 15 and I've always got on really well with them right from when they where tiny and I never minded getting down on the floor and playing with them, I think I've always enjoyed being the fun uncle. Equally I always seem to get along great with my friends 5 year old boy and he can help cheer me up when my depression gets bad. I guess being abdl could potentially help someone connect with young kids but I would be doubtful that it would be the case for all abdls. Equally I know so many people who to the best of my knowledge have no interest in diapers or being little but like myself have no issue connecting and having fun with little kids.
Oddly enough, I don't really like kids at all. I can sorta tolerate shy kids, but that's only cause they don't cause any trouble. When they get all loud and rowdy, I just can't stand them. That's one reason why I never want kids, biological or adopted.
BlackWing said:
Oddly enough, I don't really like kids at all. I can sorta tolerate shy kids, but that's only cause they don't cause any trouble. When they get all loud and rowdy, I just can't stand them.

Yeah. I know. It makes me uncomfortable. Maybe its because I wasn't like that as a child.
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