Intense desire to strip off clothes

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Last 2 days I've had the house to my self and I keep getting and intense desire to strip off my clothes (&i do) as soon as I get in the front door and roam about the house in just a diaper and T :smile1:
My problem is this I class my self as a DL not an AB or Little as my behaviour is that of a toddler and it's cold out side
Hey. I think it's just a comfort thing. People in general prefer to dress down when home alone.
I'd say worry less about labels and more about whether something works for you or not. If you're at home and you feel like going down to just diaper and shirt, then why not? Your label won't care, I assure you. And who knows, perhaps you'll discover something new about yourself.
I classify myself as a DL to and I've walked around my apartment in just a T-shirt, diaper, and socks because it made me feel comfortable.
I put my jeans on to go out to my dustbin and it felt horrible after 2hours of freedom , they're back off now :biggrin:
I just spent the whole morning in a t-shirt and diaper. It's wonderful. I felt SO little! I like my diaper being exposed when I'm alone I don't know why.
It's too cold now but in warmer weather I too like to be in just a diaper and t-shirt.
Short white T-shirt and a diaper. Why do we need more?
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