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  1. Diaper Lover
Anyone here ever been diagnosed with ibs? I was recently told by my Dr that I have it and it would make sense as sometimes going #2 is hard. Anyway they recommend that I start taking Metamucil everyday and I was just curious if anyone ever uses it and what i should expect. I've never really been one to mess my diapers but with this I kinda fear it may be a thing now.
Because of diabetes, my doctor had me taking metformin for many years. He warned me that it would cause diarrhea, as that was one of the ways that it helped to shed blood sugars. After he switched me to janumet (januvia + metformin) I was surprised to learn from my doctor that it shouldn't cause diarrhea, but I was still having it.

So after researching IBS and working on my diet, I found that I can pretty much eliminate my IBS-d woes by avoiding:
  • spicy foods
  • oily foods (fast food particularly, but even microwave popcorn, which have oils in the bag)
  • cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus etc.
  • apples, apple sauce and juices (rich in fructose)
  • pears (rich in fructose)
Additionally, I have to be careful with (black) coffee. When I know that I am home for the morning, I do enjoy my morning coffee. I'm not sure about tea, since I don't have it that often but probably the same applies.
I was diagnosed with IBS about 10 years ago. The doctor told me 25% of America has it. Intermittent fasting pretty much cured my IBS, however I still have the occasional bout.
I've never had IBS but I have problems with having no control (mostly severe urgency). I just don't feel the need to go until I get a strong urgency. My doctor recommended Metamucil too. He told me it will keep me regular. So it does help. Most of my BM's happen when I'm sleeping. I do experience daytime accidents but not as much like sleeping. The only weird thing is that they make extremely large messes. Be aware.