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Anyone here ever been diagnosed with ibs? I was recently told by my Dr that I have it and it would make sense as sometimes going #2 is hard. Anyway they recommend that I start taking Metamucil everyday and I was just curious if anyone ever uses it and what i should expect. I've never really been one to mess my diapers but with this I kinda fear it may be a thing now.
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Try seeing a dietitian who has a good knowledge of IBS. Go on a simple but strict diet for a few months and see if you get better. Then you can slowly add things. I was taking Metformin for a while and used fermented foods to stop the intestinal problems.
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I control my IBS by diet. You don’t need to take anything. One other thing is I started drinking more water as well.
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IBS , mild IBD, Gerd, severe bloating, gastroparesis. here.

I was told to be easy on the fiber .

I'm also Type-2 diabetic.

I've seen a dietitian for my IBS. They wanted me to eat salads at which I used to like eating a nice salad . But the above mentioned GI issues disallow salads and other fruits with their skins on . If i eat a salad I pay dearly for it with cramps and undigested lettas for a few days post salad consumption.

As for IBS I have the mixed version of it. normally with IBS is either liquid or hard stools , I happen to have both types which is rare but does happen.
I have ibs, it’s horrible, but they did recently decide to test me for gluten intolerance, which should of been done before the diagnosis it might be worth asking the doctors for that test if you haven’t already had one :)