Initial impression of North Shore Supreme Light

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My first pack of North Shore Supreme Light arrived yesterday. I have been looking for something to replace the Tena Super Basic that XP used to sell that have now been discontinued. I was very happy to open the pack of the Lights to find that they look and feel similar to the Basic Supers, but with taller leak guards.

I slept in one last night and it held two decent wettings and did not appear on the verge of leaking, so it would probably hold more. It was much less stiff and a lot more comfortable than the regular Supremes and it seems like it would be discreet under clothes.

I am very happy with these so far and slept like a baby in them.
Thanks for the review! I like the original Supremes a lot, but sometimes I don't need all that much protection, so I'll have to give these a shot once I get through more of my current stash.
I'm on my tenth case of supremes since January. Best diaper I've ever worn and I have to wear 24/7.
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