InControl Essential Briefs for night time, better than Betterdry and Attends Classic 10?


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I have got night time issues for some days now, this is new to me, until now my problems were only in the daytime.

I used the Attends Classic 10, which i had "on stock", but for the weekend it is not absorbent enough, the second wetting leaked.
During the week i usually only wet one time at night, so this worked, but on the weekend it is up to four times a night,

I bought some InControl Essential Briefs and Betterdry and tried the InControl first, they took the second wetting without a leak and i was impressed by them because they did not get loose like the Attends most times.

I am a side / stomach sleeper.

What is your experience with this types of diapers in comparison?

The InControl are expensive for me, i paid 2 Euro a piece, the Betterdrys are about 1,35 Euro and the Attends Classic are at 0,70 Euro (partly paid by my insurance). I am looking for a way to get without leaking through the weekend but not paying to much for it.

I am not doing this for fun. ;)
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Both BetterDry and InControl are incredibly absorbent night diapers, they will surely work better than Attends.
BetterDry always deserve credit for being very economical as well. There's nothing as good as they are for their price or less.