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I think I might try a bag of InControl active air this next month. I tried the elite diaper that is plastic back with hook and loop landing strip and it was Amazing. If their cloth back active air is as good as I am seeing the reviews it might be my new day time diaper. It has the same hook and loop fasteners as the elite. You can get 60 active air for $104 delivered. I LOVE my MEGA MAX but this $220 plus a month diaper bill is killing me. I will never give up my mega max at night but I think I am going to buy 2 full cases of Mega Max this month and then a bag of these. If I like them next month I will buy a cases of 60 and skip NS then every other month order from NorthShore and Incontrol. Due to the $150 shipping requirement at NS It does not make since to purchase by the bag or only one case for that matter. But 2 cases gives me 80 nights. so I can go almost 3 months and then order 2 more cases and then the other 2 months I think I am going to buy either the active air or the Elite from InControl. what ever one I like the most and is the most discrete but still very effective. So It should drop me to a $150 to $160 a month average if I have done my math correct.

Check out the InControl brand diapers... they are a copy of the Rearz A diapers minus the prints marketed as a incontinence brief. They are cheaper than the rearz name brand too.

I am for real Impressed with the InControl medical diapers over the printed rearz. I love the hook and loop landing strip. I never have found a hook and loop system I liked before. Most the cover stretches and it loosens and leaks rips happen almost immediately I loved the Elite diaper. I would compare to the absorbency and thickness of a better dry but the hook and loop system they have holds everything tight and does not loosen a lot like the Mega Max. I bowled 6 games today during a tournament wearing the elite. It made it nice with the refastenable tabs too because I had a near miss game 3 and ran for the restroom. I barely got the diaper off before I blew up that toilet. For real NS should do the same system on the mega max air. It is not often I see something that really changes the adult diaper industry. But this is the landing system that all cloth back diapers should have. I know a lot of you have used this system on rearz or other printed diapers from tykables. I have been wanting to try a diaper with this system for a while but I have ZERO desire to wear a baby print diaper. I remember when Diapers did not have leak guards at all. I have seen the adult diaper evolve since the early 90's late 80's and I think this is going to stick around and become a standard on most all cloth back but even on plastic back like the elite.. it rocks.

So if you have not checked out InControl incontinent products?...I really think you should. Especially if you are like me and want the benefits of AB diapers in a medical style "Brief" as they like to say in the medical diaper industry. 😅

I did also buy a case of the InControl black overnight and they are a solid diaper but I don't like the cut around the back of my thigh. It could be I am in between sizes. But they are a very high quality product too and look a lot like a black mega max.

I LOVE, I MEAN LOVE NorthShore Mega Max and still think they are King!.. and worth every cent... and Adam and his crew are simply Amazing caring people that want your business. I have No desire to stop doing business with them. I do not see me ever not using them at night, but that said... I am on disability and even though I deserve the very best as a incontinent user it does not make it easy to stretch my dollars in todays economy. I also do believe InControl diapers are of the highest quality also. Either way No matter what I end up doing it is nice to know I have options. Everyone here that knows me, they know I am a Mega Max fan boy. I love the pink one the most to be honest. 😍 But I would never recommend any diaper that I would not use myself and I have pretty high standards for my diapers as a active middle age user.
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My supplier just started stocking Incontrol products and I am super excited to try them.
I have bought samples of the hybrid elite, essential, original and premium night.
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MangaFan said:
My supplier just started stocking Incontrol products and I am super excited to try them.
I have bought samples of the hybrid elite, essential, original and premium night.
Let me know what you think. Over all I am pretty impressed. So glad to have some more non AB extended wear diapers on the market. I love the elite.