Incontrol Brand Fitted Cloth Diapers and Organic Prefolds and cloth diapers question


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I was wondering like title mentioned if anyone owns or had experience with Incontrols cloth diapers. So I have really like using fitted cloth diapers as they are just easier but same token I like prefolds as well because they can be used for multiple reasons and usually they are more affordable downside they usually require pins but I have read many sites where parents use prefolds in a diaper cover without pins and honestly being paralyzed I am not to concerned about it. Like if I was super active I would use a fastner which I have ordered one because Snappi's I used to use don't work for bigger people but when I wore a size medium diaper they worked quite well also that's another thing about prefolds is I have some that are tight but still fit. But was going to order one of each but figured would ask if anyone had feedback

Also I get super confused about materials so when I first started using cloth diapers I think birdseye was like gold standard and I can be wrong but some said though they work but avoid flannel and microfiber as they will wick but not as good as birdseye. But where I am confused in another post people mentioned sites that use various other materials and where it's expensive purchase I want them to last but not sure what to buy if that makes sense. Like I mentioned I thought it was birdseye but get confused

Appreciate any help