Incontinence training and the effect on life.


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I am new to this site and I have looked around some and found many posts about people trying to become incontinent. I also have thought about trying to become incontinent myself, but I have some questions. Not about how to do it or how long, but to those who have tried to go from fully continent to basically incontinent, how hard was that transition? If you are married, how did it change your relationship for the better or for the worst.

My personal situation is that I enjoy diapers and I would love to go 24/7 but my wife isn't into this stuff at all. I told her about this one time about 10+ years ago and for a few days she seemed like she wouldn't make a big deal about it. But when I asked her about it again a few days later she went off and made it clear she didn't want anything to do with this or with me if I wanted to wear diapers. So I dropped it and I have kept this to myself since and I only buy and wear diapers when she isn't able to find out.

I have recently thought about just starting to pee my pants and wet the bed a little at a time till it started happening on its own. I would just let my wife think this happened due to some issue and let it go at that. I know that this may not be the smartest or most honest plan. But before I started down this path I wanted to find out how doing this changed other peoples lives.



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I'm not even going to get into a how to, success story for achieving incontinence, or any of that. Your problem sounds more like it isn't wanting to be incontinent, it's having to deny your dl side. Honestly it sounds like you might even be in the middle of a binge cycle right now. That's what you need to address.

First, are you even in the right marriage? If not, I'd hate to think you've spent all this time with someone who can't even accept you for who you are. I'd recommend consider couples therapy. Go alone first and work out what being DL really means to you, and what you really need out of life to accept that. Once you get that figured out, bring your wife along so you can figure the rest of it out with her. IF she just can't accept this is truly a part of you, then point out she is literally rejecting you- and has been this whole time. You may even need to put divorce on the table, and then see if you two can't work out a way to avoid it.

Ultimately, one way or another, you are going to have to find a way to include this part of yourself in your life. And in a way that is healthy enough you aren't constantly thinking about want the most extreme version of being DL. That said, your wife doesn't have to like your diapers, and certainly doesn't have to participate. But she will need to accept that you do, or her incompatibility will only further drive you away and to the extremes as it already has been.


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All I can say with me. You stay continence. The only thing that changes it easier to pee in the daytime. Now night time. You can sleep through wetting a diaper. But if you start becoming Incontinence it best to contact a doctor because there could be another issue.

Now your wife that could change your relationship. The first thing she going to want you to do is go see a doctor. That because she would be the concern for you. Like slomo said she might connect the dots.