In need of advice...


Backstory: about a year ago for our anniversary my bought me cheap lingerie as a joke. We had a good laugh and then after a few drinks he brought up how back when I did drag he use to get so hard watching me get ready and loved seeing my when I was just in my panties and bra. I was kinda surprised but in all honesty lived that seeing me in my lingerie turned hIm on. That night I put in the joke lingerie he bought me and it was amazing. Fast forwards to now my lingerie collection is much larger and constantly growing. I’ve worked to loose some weight and have been looking for my first corset and always shopping around. He buys me anything I want in that department and cantbkeeo his hands off me when I dress up for him. But I need some advice....
1) Idon’t want to tuck, I didn’t when I performed but want my buisness outta the way so my figure and the illusion is as real as I can be fir him. What should I buy? How can I minimize my bulge to maximize his?
2) corset wise I was looking at a full length but now think maybe just a waist cincher would be better and easier to put on Alone since I don’t want his to have to help me, I tend to try to buy something new often and surprise him with it.
3) I’d love to talk and get some general pointers and advice on the basics, I’m oretty femme which he loves butbid love to be able to commit and show him I’d do anything for him. I love dressing up and being his sissy, it made us fall in love again andwevennrver been happier that’s why I wanna work on my look, my behavior and be the best sissy I can be but could use some advice with the above questions and I have some others so Please let me know! Always down fir any sissy related chats, even if your a cis dude who likes sissy’s, I wanna know what it is you like or what gets you going. Lol