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Hi everyone! When I was a (real) kid, I had a very active imagination for play. As an AB I’ve had trouble recapturing that imagination and using it during play. Have any of you successfully recaptured that, and do you have any tips on relighting that spark? The desire to play is there, but when the time comes, maybe I’m just to shy or something, but I have trouble getting that imagination like I used to have. Any thoughts?
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When we’re young part of that imagination comes from trying new things out, it’s experimenting with life in a creative way, whereas as adults we’ve already tried so many ways already. So a good way might be to get a new interactive toy that stimulates your mind and helps you get into it. If your budget allows for it the magic mixie magical misting cauldron is a really fun toy that has you feeling like a lil wizard ☺️ or maybe like a talking elmo or Pooh bear type toy if want something more babyish.
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Then there is always 'Story Telling'.
Dreams are a part of that creativity that floats with imagination.

As adults we feel it is a waste of time and place them aside.
Now, it is Time to allow that part of you to exist.

Subjects for adults are always difficult as we know there are constants, but as a child those things do not matter.

So open one of those story books for young children and allow yourself to expand the story by creating side stories!
Have Fun, Enjoy!!
I like toys, but rarely get in the right headspace to "play".
I think having toys around and such, I like the aesthetic it adds.
Some times I'll break out my phone and set up scenes with action figures. Sometimes it recreating a shot from a movie or show. I have a long history of shooting video and photos professionally, but shooting my toys makes some of my interest overlap.
Sometimes the scale or size of the toys helps. If a toddler holds a toy how big is it in their hands? I've some 9, 10, and 12 inch tall action figure that make my hand feels smaller.
Also, what was your jam when you were actually little? I was a wheels kid. I liked cars and such. I found some cars from Cars and the size feels right, and it kinda hits just right.
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