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Hello all of you! I figured that I should introduce myself. My name is Roxas. I'm Shyanne's imaginary friend and guide. I know this may seem a bit confusing but I'll try to explain. She/I are not pretending to be split personality, it's not really that. It's just a imaginary friend lol. Im the grown up part of her personality. Im here when she needs to pretend to be big and has to go to work or drive or do other adult things, I'll take over and do it for her since she's too young for that. I also try to help her when she needs company. Since she cant live with her parents yet Im here to help her when she needs to play big. She keeps getting mentally younger and can't really handle alot of things on her own anymore. She's just a little baby *giggles* and you are free to call her that. So if you see her mention me or she has me speak in a rp, now you know who I am. I am also the name of her plushie, as I will occasionally take possession of her plush foxie for when she sleeps with the plushie or just needs a hug. I protect her as she sleeps from all the monsters. Shyanne's parents like me too cause when Shy pretends to be big and say "I graduated! or I drove to the store today!" They can reply "No dear that was Roxas who did those things." Which isn't really a lie honestly. Anyway, it's nice to meet you all. :)
I have an imaginary friend whom I wish could be in reality. She is Sandy. She's VERY tall-6'8"-and is a BBW by nature. Long, straight blonde hair, wears large rectangular-framed glasses. She speaks with a southern accent. Sandy doesn't have to work, so that she can be there when my mind calls for her. Very pleasant attitude and disposition-always polite and a nurturing friend for life, even though imaginary.
I have a Centaur as my imaginary friend.
He is strong, kind, and wise.
He is the last of his kind and is immortal.
His name is "Arax".
He came to this planet millennia ago after his species had destroyed itself in a cataclysmic "final" nuclear war.
My imaginary friend, is a bear, she's basically my second mom. Whenever I'm upset or sad she always lets me bury my face in her chest,and makes me feel that everything is going to be fine.
Mine is a bit more odd and not really imaginative. My imaginary friend is based off of Misty from Pokemon. She's taller then me. She still has her classic sideway ponytail. Her clothes are a bit more adult now. She gives me advice when I'm down or stressed.
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