I'm Required to Mess! Doctor's Orders.

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So I have to have my poo analyzed in the next couple days, and the nurse gives me this collection strip to put over the stool to poo on. She says they often tip, dumping the poo into the stool. So, she says to reach back, holding the paper, and basically crap into my hand!

I'm not really into messing my diaper...but in this case, I think I'll use them for the collection.
OMG. I forgot to mention the fact the collection thing is just a Q tip type deal. You swirl it in the poo and put it in a biohazard tube. And mail it. I'm mailing my own poo.

Is this supposed to be sterile? Will doing this skew my poo?
I don't think you need to go all 'operating room' sterile. Just have clean hands and put the sample right into the container and seal.

And this is nothing special. For me, the reason I needed to do this was to check for blood in the stool for possible rectal cancer (it was negative and part of an annual physical).
That's what we're doing on my end as well. I've had an irritable butt for a while, and am getting up there in years.
I've had to do it because I had a bleeding ulcer. It wasn't difficult, just annoying.
Occult blood test. It's amusing how they tell people to collect the samples. My wife had to do one of those once.
My aunts mom had to collect her crap for testing back in the 60's, she put it in an empty goldfish carton and left it out on the counter for a few minutes before my aunt decided she wanted some goldfish, luckily she didn't spill it!
I work at a hospital as a CNA. This test is supposed to be a "clean catch" meaning it should be caught in a clean container and with out being contaminated by urine. We have buckets that sit in the back of the toilet seat so our patients can poop normally. but if there is pee in the container we have to flush it and try again. I'm with you on catching it in a diaper, much better than your hand. But make sure you pee before trying to poo.
I used saran wrap across the toilet seat when I had to do this. It worked pretty well.
I poo-ed but didn't pee. Thanks for the tips and feedback! It was nice using my diaper for a medical purpose. Hmm. Can I write them off now?
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