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Well friends it has been a long time since I logged into Adisc, however I thought I should make an appearance again. Don't get me wrong I love the community and all, however sometimes it's just finding the time to get online. Especially when you work Full Time and run your own business, it's like there is not time left in the day to jump on and see what's been transpiring in the ABDL kingdom.

None the less I will be making a strong effort to make an appearance on a daily basis (time dependant).

Well what's new?

Lets see, oh yes I took delivery of my first ABUnierse nappies (diapers) and I must say I am not disappointed. I really like the one tape style (design) diapers. They bring back some fond memories. However I do think they could be a tad bigger or wider even

I also took delivery of my bambino diapers and Crinklz diapers. Not a huge fan of the crinklz, love the deign very bright and colourful, however lacks on the tapes and stickiness. Bambinos are nice, I think they would be dam awesome if they were single tabbed. Anyone agree?

On another note I am starting my own Story Share website, where all abdl story tellers can share their content. Hopefull I am allowed to share the link "" apologies in advance to moo if sharing this link is a violation.

Anywho that's enough from me. I will be online for a bit so hit me up if you wanna chat...
Not open for further replies.