I'm afraid in the dark

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But that's problem? Cause i dont know... And why have got this?
toyfun said:
But that's problem? Cause i dont know... And why have got this?

Hmm, nothing to be ashamed of at all. Lots of people are afraid of the dark. It's more scarier outside than it is inside to be honest but you never know. I'm scared of the dark because I'm afraid I will run into a wall and stump my toe against a wall when I am running for a snack or to use the bathroom. There is easy tricks into conquering this kind of fear as it is somewhat a mild feeling at the moment. Things do happen in the dark but your best bet is to not let it affect you, there are some good alternatives that shed lite such as night light, turning on your bedroom light (which acts as a flash light towards some rooms). It's a small fear and we all (or some) have had it when we were kids, I know adults that are scared of the dark, I know a 15 year old and a 22 year old that is scared of the dark and one uses night lights all around the house while the other just listens for sound and plans his route around the house.

Here are some good links to help you,


While one shows a POV and the others show children related issues, this will give you some ideas that reflect off your post. The dark is a scary thing since you can barely see and more activities happen in the dark but the best thing to do is remain calm because panicking will get you no where. If your in the safety of your house, then there is not much to worry about. You will be fine because as long as you live in a safe neighborhood, you know your house really well, and you have certain pinpoints of things, then you technically have night vision as you know where everything is and will be so you don't spook yourself.
Usually I'm only afraid of the dark after I watch something sc.ary. I tend to stay away from horror movies because of it
Thanks for answers, and help me, Snivy.
I get afraid of the dark sometimes too. Being afraid of the dark is kinda natural, the dark is naturally... dark and fear heightens our systems to make us more aware so nothing creeps up on us and all that.

I do think that when it's just preventing you from sleeping and stuff, it's important to remember that nothing exists in the dark that doesn't exist in the light though! And that we are bigger then our fears.
It's nice, and true. Thank you Arietta.
But there is a good thing with the dark - if you cant see the monsters, they cant see you either.


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Good picture, but if i sleeping, then i afraid this...
toyfun said:
Good picture, but if i sleeping, then i afraid this...

oh sorry, didnt mean to make it worse :hug:
No problem :hug:
I posted a thread about this a while back, because I'm averse to trying to sleep in the dark. I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm scared of darkness, but it makes me feel uneasy and I just can't seem to relax if I can't see everything around my bedroom (or any other room, for that matter). I don't think merely disliking the dark is a problem, but if being in darkness causes you a high sense of anxiety and even fear, then I'd say it's possibly a cause for concern, and something it might be good to discuss with your doctor.
What thread is? I not found. But true: maybe i visit my doctor, maybe no i dont know. I dont like go the doctor. But not sure to need this.
toyfun said:
What thread is? I not found. But true: maybe i visit my doctor, maybe no i dont know. I dont like go the doctor. But not sure to need this.


It's your decision, but I'd say if you have a genuine fear of the dark, discussing it with your Doctor or a relevant medical professional might be worthwhile. Also, I don't think anyone enjoys going to the Doctor, but usually one awkward appointment is better than having a medical issue (be it psychological or physical) which carries on indefinitely.
I must admit it... yes, I am too.

But that's why I have my plushies (well, part of it anyway).
Oh, i see your link, thanx.
You are right, i visit my doctor. :)
And thanks your advice.
I'm not sure how common it is among the older population (older than children, I'd have to look it up), but I just wanted to let you know that you aren't alone. I have an older cousin that's in his 30's. He is still scared of the dark. He won't go out at night, sleeps with a nightlight, etc. He's married and has kids. So, you're not alone.
As an Autistic, I do experience fear of the dark.
I have to sleep with a night light in my bedroom to chase monsters away.
As a kid, I was often terrified of the dark, but then I was one of those kids who felt the presence of the dead. I lived in a house that was genuinely haunted when I was in high school, and I had the entire attic for my bedroom and a television room.

Now, the dark is my friend. I feel that I'm safer in the dark, because I know my house better than anyone who might break into it. I also have a house alarm system and an aggressive, barking dog. Even when I was somewhat older, college age, I enjoyed walking in the woods late at night. It was mysterious and spooky, and I loved it.

I think there are reasons for being afraid of the dark. It represents the unknown, unknown dangers, or cover for those who might want to harm us. But even more so, I think there is a connection between the dark of night and fear of death. Berg called 3 a.m. "the hour of the wolf", that time when we wake up terrified of our mortality.

Imagine yourself as a predatory wolf. This is why I enjoyed the woods at night. I imagined myself as a wolf, running and chasing its prey. In you house, imagine that you are the monster and nothing can hurt you. You have the advantage. If all else fails, have some soft, comforting music playing and have a small night light.
Although I am not scared of the dark, some loud sounds can cause a moment of fear until I can identify the sound. Especially when I am asleep and the sound wakes me up. If that same sound occurred during the day, I usually can identify it faster and therefore there is almost never time for fear to creep up.
Hello All,

A topic I really relate to. I may be 34 but I am TERRIFIED of the dark. Have been since I was a kid, but got WAY worse when I was 16 (1997). I got out of control after a incident in a psych ward. I had just had a heated call with my mom and hung up the pay phone harder than I had intended. There was a staff member sitting just 30 feet away and when I turned around says "You need to go to solitary till you calm down". I told him I didn't mean to hang up the phone so hard but was alright and was just going to lay down and went to my room. About a minute later 2 male staff run in, yank me out of bed by my arms and walk me to solitary, hold me against the wall, inject me with sedative and run out of the room and lock the door. This was at 7:30pm during the summer. The sun was just starting to go down. The sedative wasn't enough to knock me out. But soon the room began getting dark.

An hour or so later it was getting difficult to see in the room so I banged on the window in the door for them "please, turn the light on in the room" I yelled through the glass when the woman at the nurses station looked up. She just went back to doing her paperwork. Soon the only light in the room was coming from the window at the back of the room. The full moon that night was shining down, bouncing of the white painted brick wall next door and lit up about 3-4 inches into the room. So I sat down right next to the window.

My other issue was it was SO cold in that solitary room. They must have had the AC turned up. If I had to guess it was low 60's in there. Although I am heavy now, I was only 140 pounds back then. I was wearing a pair of shorts, socks and a t-shirt I saw a sheet on the restraint bed in the middle of the room and tried to take it off the mattress, but they had the leather restraints on the bed so tight I couldn't get the sheet to come off. I gave up and went back over to my spot by the moon light. I sat with my knees pulled up to my chest and pulled my t-shirt down over my knees and pulled my arms in to keep warm. I stayed there like that in that spot till 8:30am when I was finally let out. A total of 13 hours, and all because I hung up a pay phone a little too hard.

Anyway, I have been terrified of the dark since. It can be scary being locked in a dark room where there is no hope to get out till someone decides you have had enough. These days I keep a lamp on in my room 24/7 on a dimmer and dimmed down, but still to the point where I can clearly see everything. I have a fish tank next to my bed with light in the hood as a back up for the lamp bulb if it goes out. I have three crib rail toys that emit light should the power go out. And next to my crib is a battery operated camping lantern that uses a super bright bulb along with 3 extra sets of batteries.

So yea, kind of overkill when it comes to being afraid of the dark. I have PTSD from the abuse before the incident of being locked in the solitary room, so it only made it worse. I HATE the nightmares of re-experiencing that night in that dark cold solitary room. But yea, I am deathly afraid of the dark, and that's why. Thanks for letting me share.

-Baby Stanley
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