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I know that this topic has been discussed to death everywhere by everyone, but I respect and care more about people's opinions on this forum and haven't seen a post about it here yet so I figured I'd ask.

I use Adobe Illustrator CS6 and absolutely love it (mostly), and honestly really have no plans to stop using it or switching to something else anytime soon. However, I was wondering if there's anyone here who's used both Illustrator CS6 and the most up to date version of Inkscape (and/or Corel Draw for that matter) and would care to give their opinion on it and how they compare to each other. Is there anything that Inkscape or Corel Draw does more intuitively or "better" than Illustrator in your opinion?

I have and use tons of software for different things so if this thread is of interest to others and it gets some responses I'd love to post more threads asking some of your opinions and simple tech questions. Thanks!
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