If you could live anywhere in the world!

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If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?
What makes this place special to you?
What sort of activities can you do there?
The Cotswolds, Grittelton was so lovely and relaxed with nice people, lovely architecture, beautiful fields and a champion barman who had never travelled as far as Stroud! Great walks.

Positano. I don't speak Italian but best sea views in the world, just a magical place!

Rutherglenn. Best wine country in Australia in my opinion, gorgeous Australiana country town and far enough away from big cities to be relaxed.
I would probably want to go back home, either Toms River or Holly Park, New Jersey. I still have dreams of going home, but as I wrote in "Werewolf", you can never go home again. Besides, home for me has changed significantly. I'm not sure I'd feel that I was home. My parents and relatives are all gone, and my friends, scattered. Going home comes right after death.

So maybe I'd like to live inWilliamsburg, VA or somewhere on the beach.
I would choose to live in "O'Leary" on Prince Edward Island in Canada. In that area I have hundreds of cousins in my extended family there.

I would choose to live in a small coastal town in Connecticut. Oh I do! I was born here and have traveled the world in my many years but there really is no place like home.
I like California, maybe somewhere close to LA. A have a lot of friends there, and it's the closest you can get to Japan (Little Tokyo) without actually having to live in Japan XD. As for the types of activities ... well ... too many to list really. As long as you got the money, there is always something to do, whether that be in downtown Long Beach, downtown LA, or Little Tokyo.

I lived in Long Beach for 3 years, and it was probably the funnest time I have ever had in my life.
Upstate New York.

I'm in music. A lot of my professional correspondents work on Broadway and I'd really like to break in there.
Some where down under as the weather here in Blighty sucks !
12th July and it's raining and only 17 oC and it's 1pm FFS !

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parcelboy2 said:
Some where down under as the weather here in Blighty sucks !
12th July and it's raining and only 17 oC and it's 1pm FFS !

your foot aches???? :smile1:
anyway, :laugh:! we've just had our first dry day (dawn 'til dusk) for god-knows-how-long. last week we were 12C in the day with 4 at night and i was like, "snow you fecker!" but it didn't.

so, to where would i move???
well, being a ginger (yes, i am. my hair only looks black :cool:) anywhere hot and sunny is out of the question. and as nice the Blue Ridge Mountains sound and as similar as that area is to the Pennines ('cept for the trees) it gets quite hot and summery there, apparently.
i'd probably stay in Britain and just move further northward, to where there are fewer people.
Honestly, I'm pretty happy where I'm living now.. ♥

Sorta realized that when thinking.. really can't imagine a better place right now. So the answer would probably just be, "in a bigger but cheaper apartment".
I'd love to live in the north Pacific Northwest. Mountains, forests, ocean. Perfect. Too cool and dreary for most people, but I like that.
Iceland would be nice except I can't speak the lingo.

Las Vegas I have friends in... Oklahoma I can storm chase, Calgary that's where my Flames play.
Cornwall, south west England. The locals are such a friendly bunch and the scenery is spectacular.
I don't know if I would choose to live there again but I would love to vacation in Okinawa every year. It's a great place with great people.
Where, it's really not very important. Somwhgere in the ountains, I guess. Not so far away from some city, but enough far from civilization. Why ? - I wanna not curious eyes overthere. In my ground I wanna enjoy my things with all liberty I want.
I have always wanted to move to Australia. I really am fascinated with the Great Barrier Reef and all the different ecosystems you can see in one place. Plus I think it would be fun to experience a different English speaking culture.
This is a question that is quite interesting, about which a desirable place to live.
Well, I'm a big fan of nature, I love the natural envirornment, tropical, and exotic, decorated with beach view.
I do not always want to live in the city, the tranquility Is the main one for me to live my life in peace. Hawaii, Seychelles, Fiji, and Thaiti, is the place I dreamed, exotic atmosphere and natural circumstance. But this doesn't mean I hate where I live now, meaning, I just visualized my being in that place , where I live now has been quite good, but I want a little serenity to live my life.

Thank you!
Anywhere where I can find forests, mountains, and snow. New Hampshire, Montana, places like that.
I would live in Canada or Japan :) anywhere weird but cool (and peaceful) will do~
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