Idea for solving soapy paci problem

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So this came up a while back and I have been pondering on it. I had got myself a new paci because my old one was well... "OLD"
It tasted like soap because I was washing it more often to try and soften it up. So with my new paci I noticed its really hard to keep the inside of it dry. Soap gets caught up in it and mostly I just let that be. If a little soap is still in it perhaps that will prevent bacteria from building up.
I was using it just now to help me concentrate on a kandi cuff and tasted the soap. For a moment it annoyed me. Then I got an idea. First a back ground info; when you are out in the wilderness and your lost there is a neat trick. If you have a soda can and a piece of chocolate you can make a reflector.
The chocolate is a natural polish and can make the underside of the soda can shine. If properly done it can even focus light to make a fire in dry kindling. So back to my idea; I used a piece of dark chocolate and had it in my mouth until it was small enough to fit my paci in with it. Tasted and felt interesting but the coolest part is that it worked. I guess there is yet another use for chocolate. :paci:
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