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I (finally) got around to install the new developers preview for OS X and to getting iOS 9. Shortly after, I noticed that on my Mac (rMBP L13 if that helps?) in iCloud, it doesn't have iCloud Drive, Safari, Keychain, and back to my Mac enabled. I can't re-enable any of these no matter how many reboots or caches I clear? Anyone else have the issue and found a way to solve it?

Edit: I also found that I can't sign out because "you need to disable iCloud services" even though they are all greyed out and can't DO anything. So is there any way to bypass that?
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This sort of thing usually happens with the major releases when they are seeded to developers. Whilst I'm not sure my guess is that there are a few things in the OS that changes the way iCloud works which is why you are not having difficulties with it. You could probably try to delete the pref file for iCloud and see if that helps to re-set it for you. However, I'm guessing that this won't be something that can be fixed at this point in time until a later version of the developer preview. The only other suggestion is that you do a clean install of El Capitan and not to sign into iCloud services (which means you won't be able to use iCloud services until they do more work to the OS)

Also, i do have to ask, did you install the developer preview on your main operating computer (i.e. the one that you actually use). Because if you did that i would recommend downgrading back to yosemite. The point of the developer preview is to get developers apps working so when the new OS is released there is software available for it. To install a developer preview onto your normal machine is never a good idea. If you actually look at apples recommendations even they say not to put it onto your normal machine due to the fact that the OS is not ready for consumer usage. So that is something to keep in mind!
Thanks, clean install of El Capitan worked, but I guess Apple fixed it in the second beta!
not a problem. that is one of the things that you ned to be careful about using a developer preview as your main OS while it is still being sorted out. I usually don't start using the developer previews on my main OS until much closer to the release date (and even that is a bit risk as there is plenty of things that can go wrong before it becomes stable enough to release to the public). However, with the developer previews if something goes wrong with the OS it is usually easier to just do a clean install of the OS. (and even upgrading to the newer beta is better to do a clean install of that) as that way any errors won't carry over to the upgraded beta. Its one of the biggest problems with upgrading OS and why people should be always doing a clean install whenever they do major upgrades for their OS.
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