Iberian nappy recommendations?


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My partner and I are off to Spain and Portugal soon.

Can anyone recommend any supermarket adult nappies from either country?

Last time I was in Spain I remember seeing some that looked like cloth backed ID slips but I can’t remember what they were called.

All other “off the shelf” recommendations gratefully received!
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ID slip you can buy in Consum. I've actually some diapers from carrefour... Or you can buy some better diapers at pharmacies
In the appropriately named “Continente” supermarket there’s a whole aisle of incontinence stuff.

No plastic backed anything of course, but in addition to Pull-Ups and Tena Proskin slips, there was an own-brand range made by Ontex and an interesting brand called Lindor which are two tape, very thin but will comfortably hold at least one wetting and are strongly scented.5BCFDA1C-FAD9-46FA-8D11-E01C0098557C.png
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