I wish I could be a caretaker (but maybe I am...?)

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So, this is more for the big's out there who have/want a little to take care of. In my case, I would like to date someone who likes to get into a little space and let me take on the role of caregiver/daddy. This means the girl would talk, act, and do all things baby/toddlerish.
I long for this relationship all the time... But the thing is, I may already be in that kind of relationship.
My gf of over a year is amazing, smart, beautiful, and overall an amazing person with an awesome and unique personality (to say the least :p). She aspires to be a pediatrician, and make the big bucks.
Every now and then, she likes to turn a switch, and start speaking in a high-pitched, babyish voice, throw tantrums, and demand things of me that almost exclusively a daddy/guardian would only do. It seems like she does it on purpose and enjoys it when I play along and does all that she asks of me (making her food, walking with her and holding her hand down a dark hallway cus it's scary, going to the store for something, etc.)
The one thing that she won't do that I would like in these situations, is to go into full little mode, including wearing a diaper, onesie, paci's, that sort of thing. She just doesn't feel comfortable sexualizing or otherwise taking on that role.
At this point, I'm fine with it. But sometimes when she gets like this, I really wanna tell her she's acting so much like a baby, why don't I make her actually be one? Yeah, it's another one of those fantasy stories you read about in your alone time, but I so wish I could make it a reality.
Maybe I should just be lucky I have someone that at can at least act like a baby and not try to force the whole "physically looking like one". It's a passing desire, but one that seems just out of my grasp. For now, I'll enjoy taking on that male father figure without adding all the physically babyish paraphernalia to the mix. :p


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I think you can bring this up at some point. The trick is knowing when. I would give it some more time...take it slowly...and maybe the chance will present itself at some point.


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So...if its the idea of sexualizing it, perhaps you can take lengths in the future when you interact with her this way to de-sexualize it, as someone who is aspiring to work with children, its 100% understandable she would want to keep well away from those waters. If or when you do talk to her about it, I would press the less sexual aspect of things, perhaps high lighting the key word in this post, CARER. Highlight the idea that you yearn to have her trust you and be dependent for some of the smaller things in life, as you said making food, or comforting in scary situations. for you to shoulder some of those responsibilities.

Pride and self image are extremely important, and its important you understand how she wants to see herself as well as how she feels she needs to behave in order for her to feel comfortable that others see the version of her she wants them to see. this is especially relevant if she is still clearing way for herself in her professional career.

the less popular answer would be to slowly add on flourishes, for instance, when shes walking down that alley way, reassure her that daddy is right there with her, ask her if she might have peed herself out of fright. bringing these up in situations where she is already seeming to behave little could be met with a more open and accepting mind state, as well as desensitizing her to these ideas.

the MORE POPULAR answer, that comes with almost every post on here is....TALK WITH YOUR PARTNER, GO SLOW, COMMUNICATE.

when you say "It seems like she does it on purpose and enjoys it when I play along", has she verbally told you she enjoys this? what verbal confirmations has she given to her feelings on this or why she enjoys behaving this way?

Seems like, leaves a lot to the imagination and interpretation.
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