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So a couple of months ago I noticed that there where several people who has become an adult baby/diaper lover at an older age. At first I resented the fact that they didn't have the experience that those of us has had since they could remember. I've always had these desires and it's been such a struggle. My sister once cought me throwing a diaper away and I begged her to not tell mom. I don't know what I did to convince her but she never told. Or the regret of stealing so many diapers from grocery stores, parents of children in diapers, and my grandparents who had parents in adult diapers.
Those who have come later to the community do you really understand what we went through? I accept you and willing to share more. I really appreciate the things that those who have come later have brought to the community. There is one individual whom I'm thinking of and I've even bought some of their products. They have some of the best clothing around. Thank you!
That's when it dawned on me these people are contributing to this communities in wonderful ways. I know that you haven't had the same experience, but it seems that those who have come later have come in soo strong that they almost where abdl since a child. I wonder if it's like walking into a room that you've never been into and when enter you either like the room or hate it. Any comments appreciated!
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I'm thinking it's something that has been buried for a long, long time and just surges out as a coping mechanism. The human body has really unique ways of repairing itself.
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