I was raised by women!


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So why do I feel so strongly to let my little feelings out in a way of a little girl?

I'm a godly man, but because the way I was raised I constantly battle with God if he still loves me.

It's not my fault I feel because I was adopted by my now proudly mother & shes something I don't ever want to lose.

Here is the thing I wouldn't mind doing mild dress up like golf shirts or things that fit me but a dress is kinda over killing it.

Also I wouldn't mind finding a woman that just lets me be the ( G )irl l I guess I wanted to be.

I guess ruffles are ok as long as it's done right

uhh hmm .

Ribbons No.. I'm not a true sissy as I stated before but my emotional nature is that of a little 3 year old most days

I've always & truely won't ever understand why I've always struggled with being with the men.

It's almost like they know I seriously cannot stand men in general because my father left me as a kid so I guess that's the source.
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You can't help who you are. As long as you're good to other people and animals, you're good in my book.


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If your faith is Bible based, there's more than enough scripture to affirm that God loves you and I unconditionally. Or, you can spend your days focusing on all the scripture that talks about things God disapproves of. Your decision. The Bible is a superb source for creating confusion and uncertainty in your mind.