I want to get back in to WOW

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So I have been thinking over the last few days about.getting back into WOW and actually trying out PVP instead of just being a.solo player and getting board of it after two weeks. I currently don't have a whole lot of time to play with a busy work schedule and class but I was wondering if anyone else here plays that wouldn't mind playing with me at some point? I have no interest in keeping any of my old characters so changing my server is no problem.
Hey there :) Long time WoW player here, but I'm a PvE player. So it maybe that I'll just be boring you with stuff you already know.

First off, are you familiar with WoW PvP, in general? Have you played it before on your own time? I ask because "trying out PVP instead," to me reads like you aren't familiar with it. Second, how much overall experience do you have with WoW itself, like, how long in total have you played? I ask just so I can give you better information overall.

WoW PvP, in general, isn't for the faint-hearted. It can be quite the meat grinder that can / will frustrate you. Battlegrounds are definitely where you want to start out. And, for sure, Alterac Vally as it is the most forgiving. It's a 40 vs 40 battle with PvE elements / objectives. You win the map by pushing the opposing players back into their base and defeating the boss / commander in their base.

Myself, I've dabbled in it. It can be fun. As, pretty much mostly a PvE player, I don't take it very seriously, though.
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