I wanna use 24/7 Nights only first

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Just out of interest is there anyone who has or is recently beginning there 24/7 /nightly journey I’m just getting abit worried that I might start relying on them to much and slowly but surely loose control will this actually happen or is there no need to worry?
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It is difficult to unlearn potty training and become incontinent agai so don’t worry. But if you actually want to become diaper dependant it’s worth the effort
Lol, totally bad verbiage... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7) is totally not what the title implies. Night time / bedtime only might be better description.

Unless you're actually able to wet in your sleep without waking up (something many of us have tried to achieve without success...) there's no reason to expect it'll actually effect your continence. If you do succeed in training yourself to use your diaper without waking up - well, a lot of us might be secretly jealous and you may end up needing them to protect your bedding every night or anytime you take a nap. Adult onset bedwetting doesn't seem to have an easy cure.

Enjoying wearing and using a diaper for most of us is simply choosing not to hold it for a toilet, not a medical issue. We may find discomfort if we go diaper free after using them 24/7 and becoming accustomed to releasing any time we get the urge, but wetting or messing a diaper will continue to be a conscious decision not a lack of control or long term damage to our physical ability to hold it.

Unless your somehow predisposed to night wetting or have an underlying medical issue, your fine, even if you wear 24/7.
I wear nappies 24/7 and have done for a little over 10 years. I have all but lost any bladder control I had and my bladder just empties at the slightest need. I can't stop the flow once it starts. At night I just pee heavily in my sleep and wake up soaking wet every morning.
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Take it from someone who has no other choice (urinary incontinent)...you do NOT want to be incontinent!!!! I can't emphasize this enough! You CAN wear, wet & even mess anytime you want with the added benefit that you can also go out anywhere and not have to carry a bag full of clothes, diapers, wet wipes/cleansing wipes, rash ointment etc nor will you ever have to worry about dealing with a CATASTROPHIC diaper failure and a lake at your feet or under your chair!@

I truly have no quarrel with those of you who wear out of desire. I only wish people would stop trying to be incontinent. I'd be so thrilled to switch places with you that words can't describe it, honestly. You can do everything you WANT in diapers WHENEVER YOU WANT. What more do you need?
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