I wanna cook somethin, but what...?


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I been wanting more cooking experience and interested in cooking some of my favorite fewdz or some little challenges. Chicken souvlaki, yellow Thai curry, lobster or crab legs, make my own sauce for wings, or make homemade burrito bowls so I'd get so much more bang for my buck than chipotle.

Problem is I don't practice to get a feel for it, which this year I'm wanting to change. I also freakin LOVE breakfast food, but without coffee I don't really trust myself to cook early in the mornin' lol

My favorites can be a pain to make like hollandaise sauce for eggs benedict and getting crêpes just right. I also wanna get in the realm of meats especially steak and smoked briskit or ribs. Or even on the polar opposite of trying some good assed vegan stuff.

I wike food🥰
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Food for thought but make a list of things you like and what ingredients they use.
Put the names on separate pieces of paper and then draw them randomly out of a hat or something?
Or you could try this thing
Salmon or fish in general is easy to cook and will give you an idea or things. That and ground beef/turkey. I said salmon because @Tenawearer cooked some earlier which made me hungry, lol! :-P Ground meat and fish are good firsts!
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Oh, and another thing, grilling may be easier! Some people are better on the grille than the stove top. Some people are good with an oven.