I Told Work with Positive Feed Back

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I no longer have control. I get urges and not even a sec goes by I'm going. Yesterday had another lunch meeting at a restaurant and after eating we continued to sit for another hour. As soon as got down from the chair, I just started peeing. After getting out of my truck to walk back into the office, I had the urge for "2 and as soon as tried to clench it was to late. I told the guys I'm running to Starbucks real quick. I keep diapers under the back see of my truck.

I decided to tell my boss and HR. I was stressing out because of this and work. Not that I'm seriously having issues, I don't feel like I'm hiding anything. They were so supportive. I told them recently I've been having troubles and I made a dr appointment which is 2 weeks from now. They showed me a restroom on the 2nd floor where it's a single and has lockers in it. They said i can store whatever I need in the locker and use the bathroom if I'm not comfortable using the one downstairs. Also, they gave me permission if I ever need to, I could work from home if things get intolerable.

Seriously feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now I just need to figure out what's going on with me.
That's good normal behavior on their part. Happy to hear you've got reasonable coworkers.
Its nice to have such support for something like this from co-workers. really shows that they understand and can show that they can help and it wont get in the way of your work.
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