I think I'm transgender

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I'm not sure if I'm a transgender. I know that in my abdl life I wish I was a girl. Because personally for me being a girl and abdl would be more enjoyable and what I'd prefer. Yet I don't feel to remind in other aspects of my life. I know that having a female body would be more comfortable for me. But I also don't know if I want to give everything up for that. The best I could think of was that having a female body would be more enjoyable in my personal life and signfacntly in m abdl life. Yet I wouldn't want to ac female. Or. Like Guys or anything like that. So it would be like if I took estradol and got a female body and hormones but didn't act female or date guys. Like I said its weird. Because I know I would be more comfortable in a female body yet I don't feel tat way to the point of me being a full blown transgender. Also can someone give me some information on medication to take if your a male wanting to be a female transgender. I haven't been able to find much information. So can someone help. Also while where talking about this I was wondering if a transgender therapist would be worth if I do go through with it.
the first question you should ask yourself: "am I disgusted by the male aspects of my body or would I simply prefer to be female" in the last case people uselessly end up regretting what they have done
also being born in the wrong body does not mean you have to be a stereotype for the gender you are on the inside, unfortunately were you life that is expected of you by said therapists and doctors that are supposed to help you with it the only countries were that's understood are a few European ones(the Netherlands, Belgium, Argentine and almost all of Scandinavia(heck some Scandinavian countries have recently passed laws that make it illegal to force a child into a gender role and even do something as simple as address them by their birth-gender is considered illegal) I won't give you detailed info on what meds to take since that's you doctors job and something that needs to be closely monitored simply put they give you testosterone blockers and artificial estrogen(don't try to buy them on the black-market), if this is really what you want then stop drinking if you do and quit smoking both increases the change of certain side-effects from the meds. and B.T.W. most male to female TG's are attracted to female's so the not wanting to date guys isn't weird gender identity doesn't define your sexuality
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