I think i may have 2 Baby personas

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I was Reading through the Babfurs Forums when i realised when i was a Kind i always pretnded to be a kitten/Cat. I Used to Try to Drink out of the Water Bowl and Snuggle the cats aus i always grew up with them and i Believe i am one of them. Assertive, misterious, agile and so on. My Cant lives lives with me in my Room, i snuggle her, meow in greeting and she meows at me in greeting. I am obsessed with Balls and dangly Things. I Curl up sometimes, Leap onto my bed ( my bed has suffered) lol. I Even greet her by slowly blinking my Eyes and she does it back. I Havnt got a collar Or anything. I sometimes feel like a human Child, a angelchild Or a kitten. Any suggestions to develop the kitten fursona? Also Would Angelbaby be a fursona aus angels have wings?
Even 4 personas i feel as though i have a dog Fursona Too but i wouldnt go to the extreme of a für suit, i dont think.

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In my Doggie fursona i tend to Play with the pup, Chew Stuff, Play toys for both does and humans, suck a paci, Chew my Chew toys only i have a Teether at the moment, wear diapers, ear Baby Food, Drink out of bottles, i Love Meaties but only Cooked not raw Yuckie, the Puppy and i Are Sisters out of the pack (Liter) i am a golden Lab Retriever more retriever than my sis

My Kitten fursona is to Snuggle with my Cat Ziggy (my mommy) but she Doesnt lick me like the dog does, Play with everything, Drink out of bottles and Water Bowl, Eat Baby Food, sit on Stuff like Tables, be scared of the dog, wear diapers, suck a paci and sleep with the Cat.

My Angel persona is where i am earning to Fly but i cant, dont worry i dont actually Try to Do ist in real life, Thats dangerous!, i wear my Wings but i Havnt finished making them yet, i Do my Usual Baby Things, i Try to help Other People and i am Generally more understanding than my Usual Self. I Can adopt my Angel persona out and about but no i dont wear Wings for outside. I have a Angel Daddy in my Head not a real one, the Angel persona is the Reason my Name here is angelic, i am obsessed with fairies and Angels. I am not religious. I just like what Angels Look like with fluffly magestic wings.

My Human persona is just one of my ordinary personas when i dont Want to be a fur Or angel. I Can Alternative through the Four personas when i feel like it
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