I think I did it, This time for real

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Hello It's me, I honestly feel scene i posted my latest forum, things are looking up! I honestly Feel awesome and i accepted my self more. BTW, In case your wondering what Was bothering me, It was my younger brother. To be fair It was honestly hard, to see him as a seprete entity not under my control, Because I am the older brother and i thought i was above him for a while, and well i kinda blamed myself for the way he acted, and thought that if i was tougher and braver, I could defend my grandmother and put my brother in his place. That was not a good idea, because it just made things worse, the thing is i didn't want to be seen as weak so i *Cringe worthiness alert* Started acting like my brother, just because i just wanted attention, To be fair I wasn't vilonet like him, or didn't use bad words, I was tired of hiding my inner thoughts about diapers, being a sissy girl, and what i wanted to do for my brother and stuff and emotions, and at the time i thought that gambit's behavior was just his way of acting how he want's too, and Screwing the rules. Now i know differently, because transgender, LGBTQ, Sissy's/ABDL, and People who want to change things, all have some respect for there elders, despite disagreeing with there rules, they at least want to change, or live in society in some regard, my brother however has no respect for anyone, or at least a very few people, and is rude to everyone else also at the time my brother just entered my community college, so that may have something to do with it, the point is i feel i am way better now than i was, because now i know who i am thanks to god, my grandmother, and diapers. Also If I have hurt or mislead any of you, Zipperless, Ozbub, Snivy, Sarahsmiles and countless others I send my sesearest apology, I didn't mean to and well I admit I kinda rushed things along and well i just feel guilty and I hope you can forgive me.
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