I still have moments where I still feel like I'm little

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Before I was with my boyfriend I had figured out that I wasn't little anymore. I didn't need it. I liked being an adult far more than being little and I was ok drifting away from it.

Its been years and although I still know I'm not even close to being into ABDL like I used to be, I do have moments where I just want to go back and pretend I'm small again. I've been turning to alcohol, drugs, anything harmful to cope with everyday things and that has to stop. I used to cope through being small and it worked really well for me. I need to do that again.

But my boyfriend won't understand. I don't need him to do this, I never needed a Big. But I don't want him being weirded out by it either. What do I do? I want to be small here and there, but I don't know how to talk about it with him.


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The underlying problem is this part of us never goes away. All you did was replace the void of being little with alcohol and drugs. I'm inclined to say you only fooled yourself and never were ok drifting away.

First and foremost, you to come to the realisation this is a part of who you are. Denying that is unhealthy as you've already found. Next, if you want your boyfriend to know and love the full you then he needs to know about your being little. If he can't find a way to accept this truth (even without participating) then unfortunately he isn't the right person for you. And you don't want to fool yourself into believing he is either because that is equally unhealthy.


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Introduce it slowly, test the water of just being cute, cuddly, snuggly little then maybe introduce a dummy, then if the response is positive maybe have the whole “nappy” conversation.

Have some resources just in case he wants to know more etc

Go with your instinct if you think it’s too much, too little or just a said too much shut down run away...

Most people are open to new things much more open minded but you still have those narrow minded individuals

Also this is much healthier than: drink, drugs, cigarettes and probably cheaper cause (VAT free)


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If your boyfriend is True it will be ok, that being said isn’t always the case.

Miscommunication is a big issue and misconception is as well...this is something that your boyfriend hasn’t been into and as such probably knows more incorrect information than things that anything else.

I’d say stick away from the buzz words, like diaper lover or little or similar, and instead explain that what you want/need as opposed to using a word then having to explain all the things is isn’t!

Goto him, and explain your stressed and having a hard time coping, and don’t want to turn to drugs as a mechanism.

Explain that this isn’t for him to fulfill, but that you want to talk about the things you do that will help you with the issues you face.

So, tell him about th8ngs that get you stressed/frustrated etc....and then tell him that in the past you did (whatever) to cope with it...

And that this is similar to using say meditation, spirituality, etc (you pick the words here ) and for you doing xxx helps a lot.

Explain to him this isn’t anything you need him to do, but that you want to be open and if for instance you take a nap with a diaper and a teddy bear, you want him to know why...

Ex. I’m stressed over all the work I need to do right now, and even when I try to lay down I think about this work and keeps me from being able to relax and get good sleep. Tell him you’ve indulged in unhealthy drugs (cigs, alcohol, street drugs) which helped but that in the end you know will cause more damage as time goes on. Then explain to him that by getting into a mind set of a child without the responsibilities your stressed over you can turn off the stress and get a bit of distressing and rest for your body (both physical and emotionally)

Explain to him your specific examples not my total stab in the dark obviously.

But, if he is any friend, he will understand and most likely will offer to do what he can to help, in the end you both will win...

Now, if you want him to participate just ask, and in varying degrees any so will....it’s usually when it’s like the 24/7 dependent things that aren’t really feasible that it goes awry.

After all what more damaging to the relationship, you having some little time, or being drunk/high/unhealthy.

If more people can just explain their needs to so’s I’m sure everyone will be better off...

And as well, you seem to know it’s not a 24/7 thing, and aren’t seeming to require his assistance, just acceptance.
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