I So Excited

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Hi everyone.

To day it Little Big Land day.


I so excited. :laugh:


I was up at 5.30 this morning jumping around my hotel room.

My freand that was gong to come with me. Was naughty and he got grounded so he not allowed to come. But I going. And I am going to make some more freands.

You never know I might even find a Caregiver that is willing to give careing for me a go. That would be the best ever.

I will let everyone know what happened before I go to bed tonight.

Don't know about photo though becouse we not allowed to take photos.

This is going to be so much fun. I just can't wait.

Hee, hee


I hope you have lots of fun and make lots of friends. Just be careful. :smile:

Hi everyone.

I have just had the best day of playing with over 100 other Littles and being treated like a toddler.

Like I said I don't have photos but there will be on from the organisers very soon.

The venue was very private and everybody was accepted for who they wanted to be adult babies, Littles, Middles, sissys and furrys.

There where lots of different rooms. And dressing up room, a quiet room for thoughts that need to take time out and be quiet or have a nap.

And artists and crafts room with lots of things to paint and make.

A change room for those diaper changes. Wich was very private and had everything that you would need to have a change

A big room with lot of activities and a big ball pool, and lots of toys to play with. There was also organise games and pass the parcel. All of this was rounded up by story time.

Such a enjoyable day.

There is going to be a Christmas party so I am look forward to that.

If you very get to go to a meet like this or any little meet I would check it out first. But if it is for real then go. It always great just meeting other Littles.

And I won't to say a big thankQ to the organisers of little big land.

Sounds pretty cool sisi. We sure don't have anything like that here in Lynchburg. Liberty U. should sponsor something like that. I'm surprised they haven't....haha. Now I'm being naughty so I need a time out.
Sounds like you had a wonderful time hun....so wish i had the money to set up something like that. Would be my dream come true to do something like that and be momma to lots of babies. Ive not seen anything like that here either. Such a shame that there isnt as i think everywhere needs at one play place for everyone to meet and be themselves for a whole day...what fun!!! xxxx
I am so jealous, sisi!
Angelic said:
I am so jealous, sisi!

Hi Angelic

Why not try and come to the pick and mix meet at the end of September or the Christmas party in January.

I think you would love it.

We could also find some swings and slides and get into trubel together. Only jocking.

But if you can I would encarage any one that is AB/ Little to come and play.


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Just to give you a bit more of a taste of it this is a like to the photo that was taken at story time


I right up the front enjoying being read to.

That's nice but I live all the way in Wales and soon I will be moving to cheadle in the Manchester area. I want to go but I don't have the money either, there is some abs and littles around my age group that are wanting to meet me and they live closer to me. I have wanted nothing more than somebody is play with me and/or treat me as a little girl.
hmm, perhaps shall have to investigates this place one day when visiting the area x3

Its good to know people are having fun though! Fun is always good specially in the little headspace
I'm so happy you had lots of fun, I know that there have been gatherings in my area before but lets just say that I am not a joiner. Plus it's really hard to let yourself go in front of people that you have just met even if they are like minded. Plus there are so many people at these sorts of things that take it in a sexual way, which is fine but it really bothers me. I am not a sexual person and my little side is the farthest thing from sexual. In fact if the subject is broached at all when I'm am little it makes me anxious, uncomfortable and even a little sick. I did read that it's not that way with little big land but just munches or outings you never know and I don't want to spend the whole time being uncomfortable.
The only person I am fully little in front of is my husband and that is only because he accepts me and I trust him with anything. That makes it easy for me to be me. :)
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