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I really wish Rearz would come out with more diapers like Rearz Princess. What design would you like to see?


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Right now I'm just using some terrible diapers from a pharmacy. So it has got me thinking about Rearz diapers. I mostly wear Abena M4 and Tranquility.
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Hi there Bratdiaperboy,

I think you may have misposted to the wrong forum. This is a good question, but probably more appropriate for the adult diapers forumf .

I will briefly address your question here, by my guess is that this post might get redirected to the other forum.

Rearz has some great diapers, I purchase them regularly. If you are looking for the particular style of print such as Rearz Princess, in addition, yo might look at at the Little for Big Blushing Baby

or maybe the ABU Bunny Hops,


or, perhaps the Dotty the Pony


or Rearz Lil' Bella


Even Crinklz now has some simliar designs.

So yeah, there are more than a lot of of options if that is what you are looking for Bratdiaperboy.

But as for me... my go to diaper of choice at the moment is ABU's Peek ABU's.

There are others that may be a bit more cute and have a little better print, but dang, the absorbancy and overall print + aborbancy + comfort = currently my favorite. Plus they tend to be a bit closer to my overall teddy bear cowboy self.


Hope that helps. In the meantime, I imagine this thread likely will be relocated soon.
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Yes as a girl, I really like them Girly Designs and Prints they have !!!
We have more new ideas on the way. But if you have any themes you would like to see in the future feel free to let us know. Always love hearing your thoughts!