I really wanted that Bluey mug...


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Out grocery shopping with my folks last week, getting me some pap and tomatoes, when I see it.

A Bluey mug.

It was my first time seeing any Bluey related merchandise around here and I wanted it so goddamn bad. But I was too embarrassed to get it because, like I said, I was out with my parents. The really dumb thing is I know they wouldn't have made fun of me. They have no idea what Bluey is but they know I love cartoons and wouldn't have cared if I got myself a mug with a cartoon dog on it. I think I might have largely been nervous because it was a plastic mug and not a ceramic one. Plastic is definitely more of a little kid thing, right? Saves on buying new cups when those awkward baby hands do eventually drop it. I really need to stop caring whether people see me as childish or not. Especially when it's depriving me of Bluey merch.

That's it, I've made up my mind! I'm going to get that mug next time I go to the store. If it's still there. And I have money. I currently have no money but I will in a couple of weeks! Damn, I really should've gotten the mug when I saw it and actually had money for it. Stupid cowardice depriving me of cute blue dog themed stuff.
I hope it's still there when you go back!

I remember when I skipped the opportunity to buy a Sesame Street magazine. I was in NYC, just looking around in a Target.

That's when I saw it: a Sesame Street Furry Friends Forever magazine. It was so adorable, and I really wanted it. I decided not to get it, because I was too self-conscious. Besides, I could "get it later" I told myself.

I ended up really regretting that decision. I went to three Targets later on that trip. None of them had it. However, I made it up to myself by getting Sesame Street Pampers instead 🤭
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