I played as little me in the back seat of the car, and tried to pee in a bottle!

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Last night, I tried something new. I pretended to be a desperate little kid, perhaps around 7 years old, and I was stuck in the backseat of the car, bursting to pee.
First, I put a trash bag and some towels down, and put an empty juice bottle on the seat. I really did need to go, so I quickly dressed as little me, in grey sweatpants, a bright t-shirt, white briefs, and white socks. I then sat in the back and put my seatbelt on.

It was amazing. Nobody could see or hear me, and I was able to moan aloud about how badly I needed to pee pee, and grab myself and scissor and kick my legs and feet around, trying to tuck my feet up onto the seat, and saying stuff out loud about needing to do a wee.

In my mind, my dad was driving, and mum was in the front passenger seat, and they were trying to keep me calm, but I was bursting, and we were stuck in traffic. Eventually, the inevitable happened, and I leaked a bit, enough to make a wet spot on my pants as I started to cry.

My pretend mother heard my cry of distress, saw the wet patch between my legs, and quickly handed me the bottle, telling me to try and pee into that, but not to panic if I got my pants wet. I wasn't allowed to take me seatbelt off though as the car was still moving.

It's almost impossible to sit in the backseat of a car, wearing a seatbelt, and pull your sweatpants and undies down far enough to point into a bottle which you have to angle right back.

Of course, it was a bit messy, and I got as much on my t-shirt and sweats as I got in the bottle, and the towel I was sitting on got very wet as well.

But it was such an intense experience! I really did regress to a very young age, and genuinely got my mindset right into the situation. It felt so realistic! I was desperate, embarrassed, almost crying, and very wet by the time I'd finished.

It was probably the most intense regression I've had in a long while.

I can't wait to do it again, but with a diaper on, and be told it's okay to use it, as there's no other option.


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sounds amazing
thanksQ for sharing, I love setting in the back set of the car beaning driven, but it doesn't happen very often.
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