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I once knew someone whom I have never met. She guessed what I was thinking a scary number of times. Yet more frightening was the specificity with which she would pinpoint my thinking and tangential thought processes. This connection was so off-putting I couldn't help but consume myself in trying to learn just how she understood so well. I feel I may have stretched that connection thin with my overinvolvement and relentlessness. The last I heard was 2 years ago and I have no way of knowing what may have happened aside from me becoming overbearing and pushing her away. That last bit of news was not good. I am still attached to whatever connection that was but I have no way of knowing if she is still alive and well, in lou of my intense and relentless involvement. Brings tears to my eyes knowing I could have thrown that away. Alas, I have no way of knowing so what does it matter?

She was someone very passionate about science and she hosted multiple degrees in math and physics. Yet would she put her hand on a boulder and feet the connection to Earth and all beings. Her existence always seemed supernatural to me. Her understanding of my mind was supernatural.

There are things I can't explain; She never asked me to. Merely tried to show me there was more than I was willing to accept. Now I am left to rot in monotony hoping she is alright.

I still can't explain a thing regarding that engagement. If I were rich I would try to hunt for an answer but I wouldn't get far before exhausting leads.

Oh well, I have ejected this thought from my mind. Life is crazy sometimes and maybe through the same inexplainable things she finds her way back into my brain.
Hope you find her and can reconnect
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I still occasionally dream of meeting the Australian housewife who named me Paige 20-some years ago. In "real life" she was a New Age faith healer who may have practiced Wicca.
"I met a strange lady, she made me nervous
And she took me in and gave me breakfast." - Down Under by Men At Work :geek:
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