I never knew what loneliness felt like until now

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I never had a good relationship with anybody so I never missed anybody in practicalur and always preferred being alone, but ever since I have gained a proper relationship with my dad, I start to miss him especially if he goes to work for a few days.

It's a strange new feeling that I literally never experienced before since I never had good friends or a family member to play with. I actually want to play downstairs more! I always thought I was always going to want to be alone.

I also noticed that I am starting to cry like a real toddler would. I don't know what brought that on. Maybe I am becoming more toddler like without me knowing...
It is so nice that you have a very good relationship with your father. You deserve some peace and happiness. You have a lot of pain in your past. Maybe the crying that is coming out is the response to that. My wife was extremely abused as a child and beaten more if she cried. So she learned to bottle it up. A few years ago the flood gates broke open and she cried 24/7 for about two years. After that she saw much improved. I hope you don't have to go through such a difficult time, but don't be afraid to let it out when it comes to you. I think it will be a healthy outlet for you.
Here's to your long term happiness, and may God bless.
Crying is a good stress reliever. I do it a lot more nowadays. It's because my past has started to haunt me.
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