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I never introduced myself...

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I've been on ADISC for a while now and have made a few contributions. However, I see that I never introduced myself.

I'd like to remedy this.

I have been interested in diapers for pretty much as long as I remember. So much that I used to try to wear old baby diapers when I was 5 or so. My parents would catch me and after the second time, threatened to put me in diapers full time. I declined, as there was clearly no one else over 2-3 who wore diapers, and forgot about diapers for a bit.

I next started thinking about diapers around 10 or so, and worked up the courage to walk or bike to the store and buy diapers. Unfortunately, this was before the era of "everyone gets to wear diapers" and so I was largely unable to fasten the tapes of the baby diapers.

I envy today's AB/DLs - the Internet can bring acquaintances and knowledge that you are not alone as well as shopping, and the aforementioned shift in philosophy means that it's possible to wear diapers that fit. It's a bright world for the AB/DL community now, and I really wish I were 10-15 years younger so I could have capitalized on that.

Currently, I'm working toward a large project and stay home. Funny thing about desire; now that I have the opportunity to wear diapers 24/7 without recourse (I'm basically a hermit), I find myself usually not wearing them. That being said, though, I plan to wear for Friday's activity here.

To address a common question (and one that I've worked out for myself years ago): I personally wear because to not have to worry about the most basic of functions is great stress-relief. I have a horribly stressful task ahead of me, had a stressful and unrewarding job (that I've left - hooray!), and generally live under pressure. I've always felt this kind of pressure, and under-achieving is my way of coping. However, when I'm wearing diapers, the sense of security and relaxation is pretty tough to beat. As I've always been attracted to the distinction between aspects of a common item (e.g. cool and crisp on the plastic backing, damp inside; hulking physically, calm and measured mentally) I have a particular affinity for diapers, as it's curious - on a fundamental level - how something that is so serene, peaceful, and pure can at the same time hold something that is anything but.

To go back to my earlier recollection of being threatened with diapers - I think the strategy of "pretend to protest, but ride it out" would have been best. After all, I know none of those people today - the lesson here: had I read any diaper stories at that time, I'd have gone for it. So, again, you youngsters have it good! ;)

Enough navel-gazing - hello!
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Ahhh yes, we do have it a lot easier than tb/ab/dl's did 15 years ago and beyond. The internet has truely made great advancements for us! Although I have very hih expectations fo our community, to continue growing and hopefully one day we will make as much progress as homosexuals have in the past 50 years with gaining acceptance.

Anyways welcome to our community! I hope to see you posting around.


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First off, welcome to the community. I'm fairly new myself. But still, I welcome you.

Secondly, I would have to agree with you. I find a great deal of stress relief in diapers as well. I'm in the top 3% of my class (senior in high school), and I have fairly difficult classes to cope with. Generally, diapers are a good way for me to relieve that stress. They also help keep me focused when I'm working hard because I don't have to take the time to get up to go to the bathroom.

Hope to see you around the forums. ^_^
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