I need to bitch for a few minutes...

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A little background; I live in a mobile home I own and rent the lot in the park that I live in. This year instead of raising everyone's rent, the owner decided to have water meters installed and have everyone pay for water useage, water was free prior to this. So now in the middle of winter a crew that installs water meters in mobile homes has been installing them around the park. Well yesterday they finally got around to me. They shut off my water and very quickly get everything done. Everything is going just fine, until this morning.

This morning I come home from work and discover that I have no water. :mad: I know what the problem is, the pipe is frozen, and I know where it is frozen at the valve. So I get out my little space heater and go set it up near the valve. A little bit later tada water. So I go back to the valve and what do I have but water there too. :sad: Now a few weeks back we had a couple days where the temps were around zero F all day long, and -15 all night. Did my pipes freeze then? No. Last night was a bit cold, 0 or so, so my pipes shouldn't have froze.

Now what is worse, is that I don't have a soldering torch, so I have to go buy one, not exactly what I wanted to spend my money on. So I tear apart the insulation, peel back the heat tape, expose the pipe and easily pull the joint apart. I spend the next hour or so prepping and resoldering the joint, it takes a long time to raise the temp of copper from freezing to the temp you can solder at.

I hate plumbers.

Thank you for your time.


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At least you know how to fix it. If I were in that state I'd probably die of thirst. Or never shower. Or move to another country, like Ecuador.


Nice job on the repair. Have you considered giving them double insulation to prevent them freezing again?
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