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As most of you might know I've been looking for a new job. I hate the one I'm doing now. They could replace me in a moments notice. Besides that it's a mostly pointless job. I've tried most of the places I could come up. All have come up with nothing. I'm looking again, and I'd rather not work in fast food anymore. I'd like a job with purpose, or something I could enjoy. I found that if you have to waste time doing something it should be something somewhat enjoyable. I'm good with tech and oranizing. I have years of customer service experience and minor manager training. Any ideas would be nice. I'm trying to keep zen about this. For some reason I get rapidly drepress as I keep looking. Thank you for the ideas aheard of time.
Monster is a good place to start, but apply in person, not over Monster. Word of mouth and networking is the best method of finding a new job. If you are not on LinkedIn, join and look at the job boards there too.
Retail! Better than Fast Food or Restaurant. Some good places are general market places such as Target, Walmart, Toys R us, etc.
Perhaps it's time to think outside the box.

Take a few moments to try to remember a time that you saw someone doing something that you may have thought: "That looks like fun!" There could be some avenues there.

The reality is there are a ton of different types of jobs, careers or professions that are level-entry. You just need to be interested in it and want to learn.


-Insallation: Cable, security systems, garage door systems, internet, solar.
-Service technician: printer/copier, phone, cable, utilities.
-Specialized: water treatment, electronics service and repair, counselor (para-professional), assisted living.
-Repair: home construction, commercial construction, pavement and infrastructure.
-Maintanence: City facilities, pool service, park service, forest service.

In most cases all of the above listed are entry-level positions where a company or organization will hire you and train you in the required field. The trick is to convince anyone who will listen that you are eager about the field in question. Your selling point is to leave no doubt about it.

Of course my list is small as there are alot more designations to be found in a robust job search but I hope it can offer something to contemplate in your search.
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