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Hello, my name is Thomas, and i'm a little. Sometimes i feel a little baby inside me. I want to be ABDL, but i dont know how to be. This is my biggest dream.
I need some help for the start.
What is it that makes you feel like you don't know how to be? If you feel like you are doing it wrong, then that Is just a silly idea. There isn't really a specific way to regress, it really comes down to yourself. I know a lot of AB's will feel like they just can't regress very well because they don't exhibit very many babyish behaviors, but it isn't really about that, its about letting yourself take part in whatever babyish things you have always dreamed of. If you have always wanted to wear and use diapers, that is certainly a good starting point. I personally like drinking from a bottle as well, so maybe that is something that you would find fun. Sometimes watching cartoons is a good activity for many. What is it that you imagine would be a good start?
Thank you for answer :) Okay, i buying diaper, and watching cartoons, and pacifiering. I think this is the good start.
ABDL lifestyle is my biggest dream.
Its not about right or wrong. Just do what makes you happy and what makes you feel good. Some people enjoy diapers, some people dont. Some people use pacifiers and bottles, some dont.

Personally I like diapers, sippy cups and watching disney movies.

Start small, try watching something aimed for little kids and just watch it, let your mind become little. When you FEEL little it becomes easier to BE little.
This is a good idea Penny :) Thank you for your advice :)
Every one is deferent you must see what makes you happy .
So if you feel like you mite like something then try it.
What I like you may not . But you don't have to do any thing others do .
It's up to you what you would like to try.

So many of us are a mix of different things there is no set way of being .
Our mindset's are all deferent.
You may just like being a little being playful .
Colouring playing with play dough or legos mite be more to your liking.
Not every one need to be an AB to make there little happy.

Its who you feel you would like to be.
Excellent advice already given I think I will throw my vine whip into action here!

Yeah, it's how you feel for ABDL. Some people play with baby toys or toys meant for kids.

Some wear baby diapers to feel little and the smell regresses you.

Some suckle on binkies while snuggled with blanket.

It's all how you want to approach this, there are many ways of feeling more than just a little. It's not about the diapers (Maybe :3) or about the babyish cloths but all about how you want to feel, it's who you are and how you feel you want to be. Your you right? Do you feel little? Your technically an AB anyway! :D While you want to feel more as an AB/DL, it might not snap right away, it'll take time and you have to have patience for that. Some of those I mentioned may easily speed the process up. I do hope you accomplish what you want to be.
Thanks for helps me, thanks the advices.
I start small. All advices hold.

My sleep habits: sleeping with my teddy bear, sucking pacifier.
This habit is good starting?
Its all up to you like the other said. For me i like wearing diapers and an adult onesie. We all all different and just explore your interest and see what you like and don't like.
I know. My another problem, my environment nobody caring me
And nobody know what is the ABDL. Just me.
Therefore, sometimes make me cry.
A lot of us are alone in this. That's why places like ADISC exist. Just know that we're here for you.
Thanks :)
I know, but i don't want forever loneliness.
You don't have to feel lonely here, believe me. There are a lot of people who have things in common with you. There will be times that it feels like you're trapped within the outside world and nobody really cares. That's when you can turn to us. Most of us here will be glad to help if you have questions. As for what everyone else is saying, I agree. Just be yourself and let your heart wander. If you're curious about toys or something- try it out and see what it's like. If you do like it, that's great! If not, that's ok too. It's all a learning experience.

Good luck and have fun! :)
That's true :) I completely agree with you. :) And i having fun this forum.
Oh, sorry, I am inexperienced ... And i misunderstands, sorry.
Me too hope some day me no longer feel it the loneliness.
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toyfun said:
Oh, sorry, I am inexperienced ... And i misunderstands, sorry.
Me too hope some day me no longer feel it the loneliness.

Don't lose hope. A lot of us dated and found someone to love and who loves us. My wife is one such person, so when I told her about my wearing and wanting diapers, she was very supportive. There are a lot of married AB/DL members on this site. Stick around and read the threads and you'll begin to get some ideas as to how to meet someone who is open minded.
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