I Need some advice

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Hi everyone one.

I need some advice.

My Paddy could be out in October :D
But the probation service are being mean.

They say that he not going to be allowed to come live with me, and my daughter-in-law is partner and his baby daughter my grandchild.

And if he does then child protection services will be involved.

We all won't him home with us where he belongs.

Can we tell everyone to go away and leave us alone.?

Why are they so mean?

If it was someone else I would tell they that if they continue then I would deal with it as harassment and tell a police man.

Can I do this with child protection services and the probation service?

I really won't to hide in my room and be my Little self until it all goes away. But I have to be a big brave boy for my family.

But I don't know what to do.
If anyone can help or suggestions where I could go to get help.

The good news is that Paddy is doing well and is dealing with his alcohol issues.

We love him so much

Thanks you for any suggestions.




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Hi buddy,

Your best bet, I think, would be to seek independent legal advice and find out what action you and your family can take. I haven't got wisdom further than that unfortunately.

Good luck! :)
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