I need a bit of help designing my new nursery

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So, yeah, after I sell my collection of old matchbox cars, I have calculated that I will get around $600.00 to spend on redesigning my nursery. I've decided to go for an Early-Mid 1990's esque look and would like some help with a couple of things. First off, I've been looking at a TV set for the Nursery, nothing too fancy, but also nothing to underpowered. I have decided on something made between 1985-1995 as it would fit into the room quite nicely, my goodwill usally has some good TVs of that vintage for around $15.00 and I have a digital converter box. I'm just not sure what a child might have had in their room as a TV set during that time period in the rural Midwest. Of course I was alive back then, but I never paid attention to the small details of my friends houses and such, and if I did I would have probobly forgotten the details by now. I'm also looking for a VCR of that same vintage since I own a lot of great VHS tapes, but again, I don't want something to fancy or underpowered. I'd like to get something that at least has a clock in it, but I don't need it to have anything more fancier than that and the ability to do what a VHS player needs to do. I already have some basic furniture picked up from yard sales and such, it looks 90's era and fits into the room. Another cool thing I own is a '97 PowerMac Computer Sytsem, it's not quite the era I'm looking for, but since macs looked the same in '97 as they did in '94, it's passable. So guys, any ideas for my nursery, any help is appreciated.
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