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The 5th of June this year, I went to an Iron Maiden concert with some friends. (In Royal Arena in Copenhagen.)
I was wearing nothing new under the sun. But it was risky, I knew... We went to Fields (A nearby mall) before going to the concert. Before we went to the concert, my intellect hit me- And I put my backpack with diapers in the car, instead of bringing them to the concert... And boy was that a good idea! When we arrived at Royal Arena, we went toward the entrance. There... right there I was happy I didn't bring my backpack... They searched bags (obviously). And phew... But I was still body-searched like everyone else. But it was quick- And yeah... I don't think the guard noticed- or cared. But regardless, the concert was amazing! Good spots, Killswitch Engaged as the warm-up, 2 hours of Iron Maiden after that awesome warm-up. Amazing! :D

Now, this Sunday; Judas Preist is playing in Royal Arena as well, and I might go alone- And just bring diapers and not care. The guards are professional after all.
Besides, I wouldn't miss Judas Preist OR the warm-up, Megadeath... :p

Spoiler alert: I like rock and metal. :p

Best regards. :cool:


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I'm not surprised they were searching after what has happened at the British concert and the Las Vegas concert.


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Well, there are different possibilities that would have happened there. Let's break it down.

1. You bring the bag with diapers:
a. You will get checked and they are suspicious of it, so they pull you out of the line for questioning.
b. You will get checked and they will take it out and ask you right on the spot in the middle of the crowd
c. You will get checked and they take a quick look. They found nothing, then they'll let you in.
d. You will get checked but they don't care and doesn't worry about it.
e. They just take a quick look and doesn't notice the diaper.

2. You do not bring diapers:
a. (as reality) everything went well.
b. You need a change, but you left it already.
c. It's hot and you are sweating so bad that you need a new diaper.

Alright now let's make some logical probability of what would actually happen in #1. (in my logical opinion)

a. 20%. If they are professional enough, they know how to treat you right and not embarrass you. So, they'll take you off to the side, although it seems that they aren't really professional ones.
b. 35%. Very embarrassing, but this is would happen if they rarely deal with this, new to this or just not professional in general.
c. 25%. This is a good thing to happen and does might happen because they are probably busy and they don't have the time to take you off to the side and then find nothing there. So, they might just do a quick (I mean without taking it off the bag most likely).
d. 10%. A low percentage of happening, because of what recently happened in 2017 in Ariana Grande's concert at Manchester Arena.
e. 10%. Luck, no, not really. Well, it's concert, everyone is happy and excited. Means? It'll be crowded and they need to do their job faster. But I don't know what's your bag is like and where you put that diaper. I would say that the diaper would be noticeable and its a low chance that they won't notice it.

a. 70%. (Well let's say this isn't happening yet) Well, simple, it all goes well.
b. 5%. From your profile, you are only a DL, means you are not incontinent. Means that you can just throw away the diaper and don't need a change, or you can just stop using it.
c. 20%. Well, it's very hot then you can just take it off and throw them away. You probably gonna need one, just for the comfortable sake.

Considering after all of the possibilities that I just wrote down, turns out you did actually make the best choice. Awesome, I hope you have a great summer!


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I frequently have a work bag with me when I go to shows, as I don't have the time to drop off stuff at home and go back out, and in that work bag there's normally a spare diaper (unless I've already changed into it). I've had countless security people look through my bag at all types and sizes of venues. None of them have ever batted an eye at it, or given it second thought (although I do keep the spare wrapped in a plastic bag for use in disposing the used one). Also, I wear all-white medical diapers too, aside of course from wetness indicators and such. I imagine if you had something wildly printed like a Safari or a DC Amor, that would attract more attention, but otherwise it's never even been a thing.


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Goes back to the thread on Movie Theaters. bag searches and pat downs depending on where you are at I guess. Wonders how they allow Barry Mainlow to have a marijuana joint with him when he enters the venue would have thought big named celebs get screened also guess not huh?
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