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I made a forum for audio talk and my own company :D

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As many of you know, im the most audio addicted fur in the whole world, I build my own speakers for christ sake :D, so for that reason, I made my own company, VulpineAudio, so far I have built 2 speakers, The VA-12104, and the VA-10104
now to explain what the model number is, this shall help
VA- Driversize- Coil style (1 means single, 2 means dual) - Ohms load (04 means 4 ohm load, 08 means 8 ohm load, 16 means 16 ohm load, 06 means 6ohm load, and so on)

now onward to the link,
vulpineaudio.freeforums.org • Index page
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